Helping a friend analyze some interesting films.

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Anton - The Viewer - Anton has loved movies for a long time and generally has good taste in moviees. However certain films perplex and puzzle. This bewilderment drives him to the point of insanity and he can no longer go on not knowing how to interpret and analyze these complex works of art.

Kris - The Curator - Kris spends most of his time looking for the perfect movie to watch. He spends the rest of his time watching those movies, but is by no means an afficionado.

This podcast chronicles Anton's discovering of Independent, Foreign & Arthouse films and how to discuss them.

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Episode #11 – The Man Who Wasn't There

Hot noir summer continues withThe Man Who Wasn't There! The first Coen Brothers movie on the podcast. Kris and Anton also talk about the 1944 Classic Double Indemnity, all while going through an existential crisis, you don't wanna miss it!

Episode #10 – Bound

Did librarians secretly write A Quiet Place? We talk about that and our movie for this week Bound!

Episode #9 – A Girl Missing

Anton and Kris go back to watching movies about really sad heavy topics, this week we watch A Girl Missing!

Episode #8 – But I'm a Cheerleader

What makes a generational defining comedy? Have critics been lying to us for 20 years? Anton and Kris have fun watching a cult classic lgbtq comedy, But I'm a Cheerleader!

Episode #7 – Frank

Does Anton get it? Does Kris Get it? Does anyone GET IT? Today we talk about a movie about a guy who wears a big paper mache head, we're watching Frank!

Episode #6 – There is No Evil

What is evil? What does capital punishment do to a society? Kris and Anton get over their heads on a heavy topic, and what might be Anton's favorite film of the year There is No Evil

Episode #5 – Little Joe

Are plants taking over the planet or are people just never going to be happy? Today we talk about the 2019 Jessica Hausner Film Little Joe!

Episode #4 – Paterson

Adam Driver? more like Bus driver... Anton and Kris dive into the Jim Jarmusch film about a poet bus driver, Paterson

Episode #3 – Ariel

Did Anton enjoy the film Ariel? First Kaurasmaki film!

Episode #2 – Benny's Video

Anton discusses his experience watching the Michael Haneke film Benny's Video. Asking questions about violence in cinema and how we react.

Episode #1 – The Rules of the "Game"

Kris and Anton introduce the show, the rules, the competing podcast, and the first movie Kris is presenting to Anton.